Why Academy Alarm

All security system companies look the same?

This is why Academy Alarm is different:

  • Local certified specialist:
    With more than 20 years of expertise in the Security and Surveillance systems, Academy Alarm provides you with certified technicians and ULC accredited services.
    Located in Calgary, we serve your community as well as Southern Alberta area. No overseas call center, only local police screened operators.
  • Cutting edge of technology products:
    Home automation and wireless technology Specialist, Academy Alarm provides you with, to give you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Own your system:
    Most companies will charge you a rental fee for the equipment. With Academy Alarm. you own your alarm system from day one and receive full ownership of your system.
  • 24/7 intervention:
    Academy alarm is an uninterrupted Alarm Monitoring with back up Station’s in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.
  • Fast Response:
    Our monitoring station response times have surpassed industry standards.
  • Calgary’s Preferred Security Alarm Company!

Unhappy with your current alarm company?

Unlike other alarm companies, we are not a finance company. You own your alarm system from day one and receive full ownership of your system.

How to Switch to Academy Alarm, a Calgary based Monitoring Station in 3 Easy Steps

  1.  If you already have a security Alarm system installed, identify the manufacturer. Typically, the manufacturer’s name will be on the system Keypad. The 3 Top Brands are GE, Honey Well and DSC.
  2.  If you have an existing monitoring company, you need to determine when your contract period is over. This information is available on your existing monitoring contract.
  3.  Call Academy Alarm at 403-261- 8852 to speak to one of our customer-care consultants who will happily answer your questions and assist in scheduling an appointment. Or send us an email.

Proudly Certified