Flood and Temperature Sensors

Academy Alarm is committed to protecting your home from more than just burglary. Damage caused by water and major temperature fluctuations (overheated wine cellar, frozen pipes, etc.) can be serious and expensive. By installing flood and temperature sensors in your home, you can minimize the risk of property damage. As soon as these sensors detect water or temperature fluctuations, Academy Alarm’s Five Diamond monitoring station will receive the signal and notify you and the proper emergency authorities, if required.

Academy Alarm flood detectors help to protect your home against water damage by sensing rising levels of water in that may be caused by a broken pipe or an overflowing washer. These sensors are usually placed near water heaters and sump pumps to maximize their efficiency.
Temperature sensors are especially recommended for clients who travel frequently. These detectors are installed by Academy Alarm’s trained specialists in key locations throughout your home. They will alert you as soon as abnormal temperature fluctuations are detected, so that the situation may be corrected before damage occurs.

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