Critical Equipment Monitoring

As the largest privately owned company in Alberta, we at Academy Alarm understand how much of an investment it is to start a business in Calgary.
We know how important it is to protect the equipment your business relies on, as equipment failure can cause major property damage and income loss.

At Academy Alarm, we provide businesses in Calgary with a critical equipment monitoring service that can help to protect your investment, and see your business succeed as a result.

How does it work?

  1. Installation:
    When you enlist the Critical Equipment Monitoring Service from Academy Alarm, one of our highly trained technicians will install a number of high-tech sensor devices.
  2. Alert:
    Academy Alarm’s sensors will detect any major changes in temperature or critical dysfunction. The central monitoring station will then be alerted, and our trained personnel will notify you.
  3. Situation appraisal & Immediate reaction:
    The monitoring station will assess with you the situation and the appropriate action will then be taken to minimize the risk and prevent the situation from getting bigger which could dramatically hurt your business.

Want to protect your equipment and be able to react immediately when maintenance is required?

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