One of today’s top concerns of managers and business owners is to prevent theft and burglaries. Business must also protect themselves from other situations such as internal pilfering, employee fraud, shop lifting and the large liability of personnel safety.

– excerpt from Security Sales Magazine

Our Services

To protect what is important to you, we do not skimp on resources.

Industry leading products coupled with our 2 decades of expertise is your insurance of a high-quality service.
Whether it is for your home, building, or your business premises, Academy Alarm will build the security system you need!


    Whether you’re a small business opening your doors for the first time or a major corporation looking to upgrade your air-tight systems, we will service you with the technology and level of service you deserve.
    Our certified and dedicated team is waiting to take your business to the next level.

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    When you’re considering how to protect your most valuable assets, whether they be human or property, we have the experience, team, infrastructure, assets, and knowledge to ensure that you get the security you need without breaking your budget.

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    We offer comprehensive, full spectrum video monitoring and surveillance systems to meet all of your security needs. With over 30 years of professional home and commercial alarm system installations under our belts, the perfect custom video monitoring system for you is just a phone call away. Call us today!

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    home automation

    Unlike what its name seems to implies, “home automation” systems are adapted to both homes and businesses.
    When life and work schedule gets busy and you need a reliable tool to make your life easier, home automation system is your best ally.


    wireless home security

    Want to start using smart technology for your alarm system but don’t want to move forward with a full home automation system?
    Academy Alarm can introduce you to the Wireless Technology security system that meets your expectation.