Where Canadian criminals go to play

A look at the cities with the most lawbreakers

From Statistics Canada


Homicide : Five homicides occurred in Red Deer between 2006 and 2010. But when six people were murdered in 2011, it earned Red Deer the country’s highest homicide rate. The local paper noted that overall crime in the area has dropped since 2004, but stressed the importance of improving social services.


Sexual Assault : Belleville, Ontario residents endured more sexual assaults per capita in 2011 than anyone else in Canada. New Brunswick’s big cities weren’t far behind: both Fredericton and Saint John ranked second and third in the country last year.


Aggravated Assault : Some of Canada’s biggest Prairie cities might be some of the roughest in the country. Eight Western towns were among the country’s top 10 when it came to aggravated assault rates in 2011. It’s nothing new in Saskatoon (No.1), Edmonton (No.2) and Regina (No.3), all of which have been at or near the top of the list as far back as 2001.


Robbery : Winnipeg residents were most likely to be robbed in 2011, followed by those living in Montreal, Surrey, B.C., Saskatoon and Toronto – a list that stretches across Canada. B.C. stands out, however: Vancouver and a pair of its suburbs, Surrey and Burnaby, all cracked the top 10, as did the provincial capital, Victoria.


Breaking and Entering : Recently, a resident of Chatham, Ontario saw two people acting strangely and called the police. The men were arrested in connection with a recent break-in. Maybe the eagle-eyed resident’s seen this before: Chatham-Kent’s break-and-enter rate in 2011 trailed only Shawinigan, Que.


Motor Vehicle Theft : There’s a dubious distinction attached to Grande Prairie, Alta. It’s the Canadian city where you were most likely to come across an impaired driver in 2011, and the city with the second-highest rate of motor vehicle theft (behind only Joliette, Que., which defended its 2010 title). That’s serious car trouble. 


Impaired Driving : What do Grande Prairie, Red Deer and Medicine Hat all have in common? Two things, at least. The first is they’re all cities in Alberta. The second is they’re all in the top three cities with the highest rates of impaired driving. The B.C. Interior towns of Kelowna and Prince George round out the top five.


Cannabis Possession : To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the top five cities with the most cannabis-related crime in 2011, and seven of the top 10, were in B.C. – including several Lower Mainland cities, a pair on Vancouver Island, and even the interior town of Prince George. The list is a gift to comedians. Seriously.


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